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Do loose slots really exist? Everybody is always looking for them and from online casinos to land casinos in Vegas, the Bahamas and all over the world; everyone wants to have a few dozen or even hundred spins at these magical loose slots. Why are they loose? Simply because they payback at such a high rate per $-value invested, they are termed ‘loose’. With these loose slots, it seems you’re likely to win on just about every spin you make.

So where are these loose slots and how do you go about finding them? Those elusive loose slots that everyone is looking for are probably rarely found because loose slots are somewhat of a myth. When you hear someone talk about a loose slot machine that they encountered, they are probably talking about a slot that was in its “pay cycle” at the time it was being played, and very likely if they went back to the very same machine the next day and played it all day, they would not win a cent.

Despite this, I will state that the slots available for free play here at House-of-Slots are probably some of the “loosest” that you’ll encounter in the online world. It’s very easy to win and keep winning while playing our slot machines, especially given the fact that when you play here, you’re not playing for real money. Our points can’t be converted to free casino cash or prizes just yet, but we’re definitely working on getting sponsorship to get some sort of prize scheme off the ground.

To try out House-of-Slot’s own uniquely branded free slots, simply click the “Play Our Free Games” image that’s located right beside the pretty dancing girl in red to the top left of your screen. Our suite of casino games includes three really fun slot machines – Silver & Gold Slots, Triple Seven Slots and World Cup Slots. Sign up to play for free and we’ll give you 1,000 free points to start you off. Once you’re in, you can talk to other slot players in the integrated chat room that comes with our games, or you can even create your own personal and private chat rooms where you can basically play and chat up a storm with the people you choose. Sign up now to enjoy House-of-Slots’ really loose slots.

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